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Not so good aeral photos but very good birds eye views of various cities in the United states. You can only use Virtual Earth Maps if you are using Windows and running either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Got a track from a GPS receiver you want to overlay on a map or share with your friends. Upload it here.
Welcome to my Trail Sharing web site. It is still in development but over the next few months I hope to add more features to make it easier to view and share your GPS track files and also create your own tracks for your upcomming adventures.

John McTainsh

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Length : 21km
Location : CanadaAlberta,  Banff
User : Anonymous
Rating :
  Run near Seattle
Length : 9.5km
Location : United StatesWashington,  Wintermutes Corner
User : Anonymous
  Bridle Trails Run
Length : 12.5km
Location : United StatesWashington,  Snyders Corner
User : Anonymous
Rating :
  Lake Union
Length : 12.8km
Location : United StatesWashington,  Broadway
User : Anonymous
  U. Village Run, Seattle
Length : 11.8km
Location : United StatesWashington,  University
User : Anonymous
Length : 0.6km
Location : United KingdomEngland,  Redhill
User : Anonymous
  New Zealand Motor Bike Tour
Length : 2,046km
Location : New ZealandCanterbury,  Hanmer Springs
User : John
Rating :
  Tiger Mountain
Length : 9.2km
Location : United StatesWashington,  High Point
User : Anonymous
  Mailbox Peak
Length : 8.5km
Location : United StatesWashington,  Ragnar
User : Anonymous
  Sabino Canyon, Tucson, AZ
Length : 13.0km
Location : United StatesArizona,  Skyline Bel Aire Estates
User : Anonymous
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