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Degree in Mechanical Engineering completed at Canterbury University, New Zealand, in 1988. Final year majors were Solid Mechanics and Instrumentation & Control.

Corporate Member of The Institution of Engineers Australia. NPER 3.


Member of Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand. (Expired)

Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications.


Assessor/Lead Assessor under the National Registration Scheme for Assessors of Quality Systems (UK).


New Zealand Labour Department Class III commercial diving certificate.


Assessor/Lead Assessor under the National Registration Scheme for Assessors of Quality




ADO.NET Programmer's Reference




September 2001





Professional ADO.NET Programming




November 2001





Professional ADO.NET with VB.NET






Computing / Control experience

              See for more detail.

              AutoCAD                           : Good (1994).

              C/C++                                : Very Good (Microsoft, Visual).

              C#                                      : Very Good.

              Visual Basic.NET             : OK.

              ASP.NET                           : Average.

              (PLC)Ladder logic           : Poor (Omron, Allen-Bradley).

              Micro-controllers            : Good (Motorola, Zilog & Microchip PIC).

              Delphi                               : Poor.

              Cobol (Tandem)                             : Poor.

              Java                                   : Beginner.



John Clarke (Chief ROV Design Engineer)

Frank Vespa (Managing Director)

Techno-Transfer Industries Pte Ltd

45 Joo Koon Circle

Singapore 629106

Tel. (65) 862-1233.                         


Peter Gross (Quality Director)

Printrak International (Motorola)

Level 1, QCL house.

Queensland 4064


Tel: (07) 3218 4000


Employment History - Major positions

Consulting positions - Singapore (July 93 to ).

I was employed  as a consultant to Loadcell services to develop a computer controlled anchor system costing $US75,000 for Pelaut offshore drilling tender. This included software (C/C++, Win32) and hardware development (68HC11). The project was completed on time and under budget. I was later contracted to develop additional software monitoring systems in VisualC++.


Printrak International Pty Ltd / Motorola – Australia/Hong Kong.

Printrak develop public safety software for Police, Fire and Ambulance. Also criminal finger print and mugshot systems. I started as Senior Software Engineer writing demos in VisualC++ and as the company grew, became Engineering Manager. In the position of Engineering Manager, I was responsible for the managing a team of 3 to 10 developers working on various projects. I worked mostly with VisualC++ on a daily basis. I adopted .NET in its beta stages working mostly with C# since 2001. I also maintained systems developed in Delphi 3+5, Cobol (Tandem) and VB. Most .NET development was spent working on Unicode applications for the Asian Market.


ForBio Robotics Pty Ltd - Australia.

ForBio are involved in robotically tissue culturing plants for rapid production. In the position of Systems  Engineer, I was responsible for the stabilization and development of control software. Later I took over the maintenance and development of Computer Vision software. I developed new methods to identify plant characteristics based on gray scale images in real time. I was also responsible for various hardware interfacing developments. Work started with VisualC++ 1.52 and moved to VisualC++ 5 for Win32 development.


Techno-Transfer Industries - Singapore (TTI).

TTI, as subsidiary of Racal (UK), design and build ROVs[1] and undertake turnkey engineering projects. Asiatic Underwater Contractors(AUC) is the operating arm of TTI providing the ROVs with personnel for inspection or maintenance services in the Oil Production & Exploration Industries.


June 93 to Aug 96.

This has been my most diverse and challenging role to date. Covering Engineering design and Management. I worked as a Mechanical Engineer, Production Manager and Quality Assurance Manager;


Mechanical Engineer

I Joined TTI to supplement the mechanical design team concentrating on spacial design and stress analysis of frames for the vessel handling systems valued at US$150,000. This included designing systems in accordance with Australian Standards and Lloyd’s rules. With major design completed in mid 1994, focus shifted to meeting regulatory requirements of other countries.


Quality Assurance Manager

During my first 14 months in this position I developed and implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO9002. This involved writing procedures for ROV operations and material control.  I conducted internal audits and was audited by Shell, DnV and other major clients.


Manager, Electronics Department.

I was promoted to this position in mid 1995 where I was responsible for, production and test of existing systems, Control of the design team for new projects and Development of advanced control systems each costing US$240,000. During this time I also developed software for the following projects;

·         Development of a PC/Windows based vehicle control system to display vehicle status and interface pilots controls using VisualC++ 1.5.

·         Design and build a small ROV control system based on the 68HC11 micro-controller sold for US$75,000.

·         Using Allen-Bradley PLCs build an automated ROV tether management system, to control and monitor the ROV’s umbilical by interfacing two PLCs.


September 92 to October 92.

During initial development of the TTI’s first ROV, I was hired as a Mechanical Design Engineer and performed stress analysis and spacial arrangements using AutoCAD for various sub-systems within the vehicle sold for US$1.2M.


December 91 to August 92.

Engaged by AUC as a Project coordinator. I was responsible for project management during the repair of a fibre optic cable for Shell Bukom, liaising between AUC, client and subcontractors.


MW Offshore Gauges - Singapore.

MW Offshore Gauges is a calibration laboratory for pressure and force measuring equipment.


October 92 to June 93.

As Head of Laboratory I developed calibration procedures and software for calibration of pressure and force measurement devices. This concluded with certification as an accredited calibration laboratory under the Singapore Institute for Standards and Industrial Research. Programming on a daily basis in MS QuickC.


Oceaneering International - Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand.

An American company, Oceaneering provides world-wide sub-sea engineering services for inspection and maintenance of oil & gas installations.


April 91 to July 91

My position as Report coordinator required planning and scheduling the major sub-sea inspection of 7 platforms for Petronas Carigali (Malaysia). The conclusion of the project involved the submission of a report to the surveyors Det Norske Veritas and the client.


October 90 to January 91

For several months I was employed as a consultant Design Engineer. I designed a diving bell launch and recovery system for the Eagle Semi-submersible drilling platform. I also planned several mobilisations of diving systems on to Oceaneering Diving support vessel, the Tengar.


August 90 to October 90

I was contracted by Oceaneering International for the Inspection of two production platforms for Marathon Oil Indonesia. In the position of Reports Coordinator I was responsible for defining, implementing and coordinating the sub-sea inspection using both divers and ROVs. At the conclusion of this project I was contracted to write reports for a diver inspection of 14 platforms for Total Indonesie in the Bekapai field.


Divcon International - Taiwan.

Divcon provided sub-sea engineering services for inspection and maintenance of oil & gas installations.


March 90 to Aug 90

As part of Chinese petroleum corporations annual inspection program, I was contracted as the Reports coordinator. This position required me to implement and coordinate the major sub-sea inspection of platforms and satellite well heads. This included design of additional diver installed caisson supports.

Employment History - All positions/ Summary

Period of Employment

Name and Address of Employer(s)

Position Held and Responsibility







Printrak International (Motorola)

40 McDougal St

QLD 4064


Engineering Manager. Over seeing and doing development of software for public Computer Aided Dispatch systems for Police, Fire and Ambulance. Mostly VisualC++ and C#.NET.



ForBio Robotics Pty Ltd.

825 Stanley Street

QLD 4102


Systems Engineer. Software maintenance and improvement. Development of control sequences for tissue culture robots. Development of computer visioning systems to identify plant features, real-time. All VisualC++



Aqua Signal (Australia) Pty Ltd

Unit 2, 8 Reichert Dr

Ernest, Qld 4214


Design of industrial lighting equipment for military and marine applications.

Quality Assurance Manager.



Techno Transfer Industries.

15 Tuas Avenue 18A

Singapore 2263

Electronic Production Manager. Management of Electronic Design and Production.

Quality Assurance Manager. Implementing ISO9002 and providing technical support to ROV design program.

Design Engineer. Stress analysis of offshore handling systems. Visual C++ and Assembly 68HC11.



MW Offshore gauges

#8 Jalan Kilang Timor

#01-04 Kewalram House

Singapore 0315

Head of Laboratory. Design of calibration equipment and development of procedures to meet SINGLAS standards for accreditation as a pressure laboratory. QuickC



Techno Transfer Industries.

15 Tuas Avenue 18A

Singapore 2263

Design Engineer. Providing technical support to ROV design program.



Asiatic Underwater Contractors

24 Jurong Port Rd

Singapore 2261.

Project coordinator. Repair of fibre optic cable for Shell Bukom. Liaison between AUC, client and sub contractors.



Oceaneering International.

1 Kwong Min Rd,

Singapore 2262.

Report coordinator. Planning and executing major Sub-sea DnV inspection of 7 platforms for Petronas Carigali (Malaysia). Bell bounce Diver. Rig support onboard Semi submersible Drilling rig Eagle. (Malaysia).



Oceaneering International.

1 Kwong Min Rd,

Singapore 2262.

Design Engineer. Planning two mobilisations in Singapore and finalising several inspection reports. Also several short call out jobs in Indonesia and Malaysia.



Oceaneering International.

1 Kwong Min Rd,

Singapore 2262.

Report coordinator. ROV Inspection of Marathon Indonesia, Kakap field installation. Diver survey of Total Indonesie, Bekapai field (14 Platforms).



Divcon International.

21 Pandan crescent

Singapore 0512

Reports coordinator and photographic technician. Inspection and light construction for the Chinese petroleum corporation (Taiwan).



Oceaneering International.

1 Kwong Min Rd,

Singapore 2262.

Diver. Call out job to tie back into 3 existing well heads for Unocal (Thailand). Diver/System technician. Wellhead repair and rig support on board DS Chancellorsville  for Conoco (Indonesia).



Oceaneering International.

1 Kwong Min Rd,

Singapore 2262.

Diver. Call out job to find and recover ROV lost in 250ft of water (Brunei). Diver/Life support technician assistant. Inspection and light construction for the Chinese petroleum corporation (Taiwan).



Mount Isa Mines Ltd

Mount Isa, Queensland


Graduate engineer. Structural design and general draughting.



Turning and Engineering Ltd

100 Kingsly St, Christchurch

New Zealand

Draughtsman. Design of hydraulic dampers. (Part time)



Finegand freezing works,

Balclutha, New Zealand.

Fitter/welder. Plant maintenance and systems installation.



Finegand freezing works,

Balclutha, New Zealand.

Fitter/welder. Plant maintenance and systems installation.


[1] ROV : Remotely Operated Vehicle. An underwater robot operated remotely from the surface via an umbilical. Used mainly the Oil & Gas industry to perform diverse underwater tasks as simple observations to complex maintenance tasks.