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Here is a list of our hobbies, projects or interests.

bulletBike Trials - John Loves riding his trials bike! Below is one of John's favorite bike trials related Web sites:
bulletBike Trials
bulletMountain Biking - John enjoys riding Mountain bikes. The following link is the club he rides with.
bulletThe Riders Club (TRC)
bulletSoftware - John, being a bit of a geek, loves gadgets and other technical stuff. Writing software falls nicely into the category and so he finds himself often writing software. He does nit for a living but also for a hobby at home. The link below is to his site.
bulletVisual Studio Ideas
bulletInvesting and Money - We don't really have any money (although we are quite happily comfortable). But if we did we would probably be interested in ...
bulletMSN MoneyCentral

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