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Born in Brunei in 1965. I lived there for 16 years before taking up residence in Singapore. I am now residing in Australia and working at a bank in commercial leasing.  My hobby is dough making. If you are interested in crafts visit my dough page and feel free to e-mail me your questions.

Born in Singapore in 1988. I like Rollerblading and snow skiing when I can. My favorite dish is Irish Stew. I was a student at Northview Primary School but live in Australia and study at St. Catherines school. During my leisure time I like to play at the playground with my friends. I favorite books are "The Firebird" and "The Twelve Dancing Princesses". I love the spice girls. My favorite person in the whole world is Grand-dad.

Born in South Otago, New Zealand in 1965. I lived between my parents farm and boarding school before getting a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Shortly after, I left for Asia to seek my fortune as a commercial diver. After a year of diving I decided this was not what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and got back into my other love, computers. I starting writing software in 1991 and got into the fun stuff (Robotics) in 1993. Select Resume or Detailed History for more into.

I enjoy learning new things, particularly about computers and electronics. I love to ride trail bikes, snow ski, snow board and scuba diving.

Born in Australia (we suspect) in 1999. Fox 6 weeks old? It has been said that he is a Parson Jack Russell and proud of it. He loves to play catch with his Frisbee and ball until he can hardly stand up.

Born in Australia in 2001. Paige is the incantation of pure evil. She loves food, food and food. Don't be fooled by those puppy dog eyes. Beneath that fury coat beats a wickedly sinister heart.


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